Welcome to the Immortal Enemies homepage, home to perhaps the first 40k based fan digital graphic novel. Certainly, failing the idea of being the first on the web, it is certainly one of the longest fan-made graphic novels yet created, stretching over 200 pages to date!

Immortal Enemies is the brainchild of Jonathan Kroeger and Jonathan Brunner. It is written and illustrated by Jonathan Brunner. Tom Mon and Dave Nelson have contributed previously as editors. The novel is based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe, created by Games Workshop.
11-27-15 - ACT III - Part 8 pages 65 through 73 added!
Friends of Immortal Enemies

I want to thank everyone who has sent words of support and encouragement to us. I know that we have not been able to update the page very much at all recently, but hopefully that can change. Life is hectic, and believe it or not, Immortal Enemies actually is quite time consuming to publish even a few pages.

Hopefully we still have enough old fans out there to make this worth actually doing, and maybe we can capture a few new ones along the way. Its tough to keep track of what is going on in new-school 40k these days. Lets pray that a few people still love the old stuff!

...there can only be war!

Please visit the Lexicanum, a fan-made wiki, for all of your interests and queries regarding Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. They have graciously played host to a fan-portal to help catalog all of the different subjects that have come up along the way in the lengthy and disparate Immortal Enemies storyline.

Please also stay tuned, as we may further enhance our access to the Lexicanum in the future.
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