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SIR!” beckoned his Sergeant. “We cannot be bothered with such trivial affairs. Let the Guard retake the planet. Our prey is still on the loose.”
“'A good soldier obeys without doubt,' Sergeant.” Recited Kairo instantly.

“I understand your enthusiasm for this hunt, but it will not be you or I who find our man. We’re logistics. Your twenty years of experience, while laudable, is insignificant compared to others. You have not had the disappointment of chasing whispers and shadows… we may do even now…
“…but if we are not chasing shadows and we have some chance to find him on the next dozen planets, we will need to be able to get there, we will need to feed the engines of wars with something. Our something was supposed to be this planet.

"We will not be there when he is found whether we are on this rock or the other. Even the elation of victory will be delivered on a board as ordinary as this... but this Forasev is the most important place for my Marines… Sergeant.

"We will secure it so our brethren might have that day.”