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The vassal delivered unfortunate news to Captain Kairo, the leader of what was the tail end of combat operations. His force consisting of mostly tactical marines, some armor, a handful of scouts and 8 terminators. Looking down to the clipboard, he furrowed his brow at the report. Of course the defenders of the planet had enough time to relay one last distress beacon and then a bit of information on the enemy force. It was all terribly vague and very brief.
It was bad news, certainly, and while not immediately an injury that the chapter could not endure, the crusade was not yielding the kind of intelligence it was supposed to, according to the Dark Angels. It stood a very real risk of running long.
He weighted the planet in his head and his situation, remembering the teachings of the Index Astarte until he reached clarity. He turned, handing back the clipboard to the aide. “Get my lieutenants on call. We will be leaving the planet to secure this... Forasev to Imperial control.”