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“The events that follow in your log next seem to grow ever-more vague…” Setting down the pad again, the Iron Commander directed himself more to the point. “It does not require a great imagination to what came about as relating to the two of you.”

The Sergeant admit, “Its not inconceivable that the divisions we had trained could see the displeasure we had for the prosecution of the war and leadership.”
“Did you order them?” asked Vis directly.

“The actions they took were their own. I won’t pretend that we were not aware of the plot, but, as I said, we were in an impossible situation. We knew the men of our division were doctoring the intelligence for some reason and we knew it was not advantageous to the administration.

"It became totally apparent when the HQ came under attack in the middle of a basic carpet operation. I remember specifically Colonel Drecksler being told the sit-rep of the General and turning to his aid to say, ‘The command post is overrun and lost. Target the long guns on that location. Eliminate the enemy.’