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Dark Angels responded famously poorly to being told what to do, but the Captain was reserved as he gestured to the Inquisitor's retinue. "We do plan on trying to locate the third Ork cruiser and eliminating it. Search and destroy missions are not a priority, nor are they strictly feasible considering our tactical situation. As my three remaining Thunderhawks sweep the planet," a great point to be made for remaining, "we will of course provide you intelligence should you and your retinue wish to pursue these targets. As is within your authority, you may even make use of the Imperial Guard garrison, such as it is."
The retinue he spoke of seemed to consist, at this point, of a surgeon, scribe, and tracker.

"That is inadequate, Captain!"

"Be that as it may, it is our tactical situation," Kairo responded coldly. "The regional command has been made aware of the situation. Additional Guard will be sent, most likely."