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"You forget how easy I could have you investigated, Captain. You would be wise to do as I command." Luminarus was getting more and more angry, gesturing with the full force of his office, demanding compliance.
"Xenos?" Kairo replied. "I think you must be confused, that Ork you're so bothered by, one of those you were hiding from in the woods, was not aided or abetted by the bolt we put through his skull."
"If you want to see how much I am an Luminarus, I will make my name bringing light upon the notorious Dark Angels. I bet you think you're very clever, sneaking around the galaxy like we neither see nor hear of your deeds. For centuries, there have been those who have just been waiting for the opportunity to open an inquiry into your sins!"
That was something Kairo could not abide, especially with the entire chapter on crusade versus one or more of the Fallen. The chapters sin was deep, of course, and easiest to exploit while in these years of heavy war. An ork pistol still lay on the table in front of the marine captain and in a moment Kairo had taken it into hand and placed a large the large slug between the man's eyes. Instantly the room became silent, paralyzed with tension, but for the lifeless thud of powerarmor in free-fall to the concrete floor.