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The Orks had paired off to fight the other marines, each of whom was more than capable against such odds. One of those orks had noticed the plight of his leader, Zed. He bellowed, “KAP-TAAAAAN!”

He drew a mortar round quickly from his waist, where it had been stored for easy use. Slamming the firing pin at the butt of the round into his helmet, he armed the weapon and then would charge headlong towards Kairo.
The noisy brute drew the attention of one of Kairo’s men. Seeing the Ork making directly towards the marine captain, he too would shout, “Captain!”

He had not the time to study the round, and even if he had his reaction would have likely been the same. A mortar was not an extremely effective weapon to use against power armor, barring a direct hit. The particular round was well guided, and whether he felt responsible for their current position or simply held in high regard the office of Company Commander, the marine took hold of Kairo, narrowly avoiding the crackling powerfield surrounding his word, and swung himself between the charging greenskin and his leader just in time for the round to impact the storage compartment he wore on his back.