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“You must,” said Brother Aldric stated. In fact, he more or less commanded it, in spite of his rank. Though a rank and file marine, he was not even a member of the Blood Ravens chapter. Stamped as faithful, he worked for the suddenly growing ring of power around Terra. His service here was stamped as a path to forgiveness, forgiveness for the sins of his brothers, the Luna Wolves, by now better known as the Sons of Horus or the Black Legion. “We don’t know their intensions. The Eldar are treacherous. You must engage them.”

“I really hope that you would not," said another voice was emerging out of the grim surroundings, as surely as his figure appeared, either cloaked or somehow suddenly arrived at this location by magical means. It was no small trick to most, but almost effortless for one so ancient and powerful, "I assure you our involvement here is only to assist you.”