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Had he been, a trio of ships might not be heading in the direction of Forasev bearing the bent blue and white jolly-roger of piracy. Orks called them Freebooterz. This fleet consisted of three ships only, all Kill Kruisers of one sort or the other. Three ships and on them about 5000 orks.

This was not a fleet of a warboss or a man capable of galactic conquest. These 5000 orks constituted an undermanned navy and at best an even fight with the Imperial Guard garrison present on Forasev. This was a fleet of opportunity.

Orks. They were one of the more ancient space-fairing races, the only one present in numbers. The one thing that may have set them apart from any of those other ancient races is that they had no record of this planet. Indeed, they had no real coordinated records of any kind anymore. Certainly the Kaptain of these ships had no idea what lay in store for him.

The orks were coming for a reason, though, one that tipped all the inadequacy in this situation into their favor.