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"DAMNIT CAPTAIN," barked the Inquisitor, slamming his gauntlet and thunderhammer to the table. The room rang with heavy thud, adding accent to the Inquisitor's anger, but because the hammer was off the table remained in one piece. "I am the Emperor's voice and you will listen to me. The orks must be eliminated and I will have your marines do it in as expedient a fashion as possible."

That would even begin to visibly irk the generally unflappable captain. "Your coat of arms did not come up in our registry."

"Special Inquisitor Tertius Actinninan Luminarus," announced the Inquisitor proudly.

The cynicism hit Kairo with a coy smirk, "I'd pray your forgiveness, your Excellency, were you Inquisitor Luminarus. Records show he is dead. . . You must be his progeny." There was some implication there. "My marines are not yours to command, you should know that as well as I."