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Arx Vis had to comment on the next portion of the report, “I noticed you suggest the PDF use stub-guns rather than lasguns, technically a step backwards… though, looking at the specs of the weapons you settled upon, you could hardly call them stub guns. 60 Caliber, practically a bolter…” clearly leaving off some of the other particulars that made boltguns special.
“Observing the wounds of the creature, we deemed an explosive large physical projectile as more effective than a laser blast. The alien mutants were not phased by the self-cauterizing blasts and high energy use depleted the battery packs too quickly…" rationalized Pathos.

"…it was also more intuitive for us to train with such weapons. They learned iron discipline. Those who would not obey or who lacked the strength learned only too late the dedication required in these times to ensure the survival of the Imperium.