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“Command, we are picking up only one of the two reported ork kill cruisers on the edge of Forasev’s refinery city. We intend to take this cruiser out where she stands. We have located also the other two mission-critical targets, the Imperial Guard bastion and refinery. We are breaking up into 3 forces. I will lead the assault on the refinery and return it to Imperial control,” reported Kairo from aboard one of the hawks.
“Affirmative, Captain. We have Deathwing Bravo team teleporting in now,” Innocent reported back to his superior. That was an underestimate. The terminators were aboard. Bolts were already finding their targets and the heavy flamer filled the room with choking fumes and igniting the oxygen rich room into unsurvivable heat, searing flesh and boiling it to ash atop charcoal bones.