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The Chaplain may have been less than a receptive audience, but he understood that the Eldar were there for the Orks. Despite this, he still doubted surface intentions of such an unpredictable race. When the Orks suddenly entered the warp, Innocent spoke into the comm once more, “It seems you’ve lost your prey, Eldar. Perhaps its time to go from whence you came.”

In part, the Farseer attributed the Ork success to the Dark Angels’ search for a fight. While clearly upset in tone, he spoke deliberately. “We will investigate the planet. We expect your full cooperation and non-interference.”

Innocent spat back, “My faith is strong. You will not affect me with your mind games.”

“I have seen into the veins of time. In three centuries, I will be training the guardians of my world for battle with Chaos. Where will you be in three days, Interrogator-Chaplain? We will investigate the planet.”

“You would threaten me?” The Dark Angel growled over the short-comm.
“I have two dragon ships, two lance cruisers, a full host, and two aerial wings. You have your strike cruiser. I’m sure your marines are very brave, but interfere with us and they will die, to the man… That is not a threat, it is a fact, and you need not my abilities to see that.”