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Eldar fighters began screaming towards the engagement. It was an action that was not to meet with great popularity among the natives.

“Eldar vessels, this is Interrogator-Chaplain Innocent IV of the Dark Angels Repraehender. This system is under the protection of the Imperium. All who trespass within our sovereign space should expect the full wrath of the Emperor’s finest marines!”

The skulled face of a marine appeared in another holographic screen. Contacting the local government and ensuring their consent was normally the first step in polite Eldar politics; however, time was not a luxury that the Farseer felt he had. The Dark Angels already were peeling off half of their interceptors to address the Eldar presence.

“Then we are happy to be the guests of the Emperor,” the Eldar commander respond in a low and forceful tone. “Direct your fighters back against the Ork vessel. It must be disabled.”

“Listen not to an Alien,” responded the Chaplain, who seemed a stalwart practitioner of a pragmatic if not close-minded Imperial philosophy towards dealing with Eldar, but one that would quickly perturb any with whom he dealt.