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Those words forced Kairo's hand up and back towards the marine, striking him square in the cheek with his gauntlet. The Captain's tone was low and serious, "For these men, faith really is their only shield. Your powerarmor is not provided to pad your ego private. These men proved their valor and died good deaths. You should be only so lucky to die facing the enemy as they have here."

"Captain," rang the voice of the Inquisitor as he neared. "Perhaps you can reprimand your marine later. I believe there are more important things we can be doing," wielding the clout of his office with every word he spoke.
Kairo would allow the Inquisitor this room, giving the man a slight nod as he agreed to get down to business. "Private, you will honor this Guardsmen with a burial. When you are done, you will find another until all those who died honorably are laid to rest in the same manner."

This was an extraordinarily strange thing for the Captain to command. The guard and marines each took care of their own, but the marine needed to be taught humility and respect to be a good marine.