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As she came forward, she would reach out and hand to him the item she’d plucked from the slain Chaos Warlord, Crixus’ neck. It was a ring, emblazoned with a winged lightning bolt, a common theme in the Imperium before Horus’ betrayal of the Emperor. Now it was not so well liked. “What is it?”
“Something sentimental. Khorne’s followers would never admit to such a thing, but they prize this. Long before Angron became a mindless beast, filled with hate and rage, he was once a man. Ill-tempered, but a man, and for the growing empire of man, he did many things they thought of as great and heroic. This ring was a trophy, bestowed upon a powerful warrior by the Emperor himself, and for some time was probably worn upon his human hand as a sign of his achievement.”