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“It was not until we had landed that we met the Governor Hugh Bourbon, an aged man, who while physically present, did not seem to hold the capacity to rule effectively. Apparently his position is one of aristocratic lineage. This family is one of regional importance. He said not even a dozen words in our presence and seemed to be brought along only to add weight to General Sturm’s position.

“As for the General, he informed us of the planet's tactical situation. Our estimations were correct as far as the devastation. The capital, and only major city ont he planet, was rotting from the core. About a quarter of the city was serviced with only sporadic utility services. Approximately 1.5 square miles was absolutely decimated due to combat, steadily growing, and that was made worse a black eye to the ruling elite by its proximity to the administrative hub.

“They believed the planet was suffering from a plague of mutants inhabiting the underhive but he seemed to be hiding something. We could not know what, but he request our help in brining back a physical specimen of one of these mutants. So far, they had not even that much success. Considering the vagaries, I felt it was necessary to activate Fallen Brethren Argus as support.”
“You are aware of the implications. The Administratum knows we are in possession of Imperial Robots; however, a savvy Imperial lord may balk at their deployment as outside the Codex Astartes,” Arx Vix interjected, though his inquisitive tone was not challenging.

“Very little of what the chapter does is not scrutinized. There is an inevitability that I cared not to dodge at the risk of Lance Corporal Nero or my own safety. We were going against an unknown foe. Maximum firepower was needed to leverage in our favor unknown odds. The ultimate success of the mission would vindicate me, or its failure would place me beyond the Inquisition’s castigation.