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By no other explanation than fantastic luck, the momentum of the ship was taking it on a collision course with the Imperial flagship, Aquila. The guns sounded as crew could of the battleship sensed the impending danger, but little of the ordnance hit, and the shots that did hit seemed to bury deep in non-vital places in Zed’s ship.

“Datz good thinkin’ Studgrim!” Zed barked as he saw the other ship quickly approaching through the front portal, not knowing that Studgrim had nothing to do with their course. The ship was disabled. It would float forward until it found something to slow it down. Today, the something was the Battleship Aquila. The cry of the steel was loud and echoed through every corridor of the kill cruiser, and deep into the super-massive Imperial ship as well, but neither did the cruiser crumple into nothing nor did the neck of the battleship break..