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“Captain Apollodorus! Retreat to point Omega, the Aquila is lost. . .” and then the sound of static, even before he finished his sentence. They were being jammed. He could only hope that his remaining brothers heard him though.

“Master Haemon, how dare you show such cowardice in the face of the enemy!” Sounded off Vice Admiral Osman aboard the Battlecruiser, “The Emperor’s spirit is not in your soul. I will see to it your marines are executed, to the man, if your weakness loses the Emperor’s finest Apocalypse Battleship.”

Just like a shouting match, Haemon would quickly return his own stern words. “I will not see my brothers annihilated. We have served well the Emperor, but his forgiveness comes at too great a price. I refuse to see those I love used as pawns, meat to the grinder, yearning for the some unattainable intangible. Perhaps that makes me a coward, but that is my sin alone,” Haemon paused, paying keen attention on the Orks as they were entering the room, moving into a defensive position along with the last of his marine bodyguards. “I know they are good soldiers, and a good soldier obeys without question. . . you do not see the reality of our situation.”