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As clearly as Eldar being ambushed, a Seer's vision was imperfect and aboard the flagship of the murderous Dark Elves' ship, a second drama was being played out, particularly when a stray shot grazed one of the masts of the Dragonship's sails.

"The terms of our agreement stipulate no casualties," came a voice from behind the Wych. The voice's owner wore a distinctive costume of muted colors of every sort, and a mask. The presence of the terrifying mask and the iconography of 'She-Who-Thirsts' made her identity, while individually anonymous, still completely obvious at least in terms of her role.
This only brought visceral under-breath comments from the Wych, who was nervous and edgy around the Solitaire, as any Eldar would be. In the case of the Wych, those normal feelings were coupled with aggressive reactions.