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Most of the orks had vacated the ship the Dark Angels knew about. They were spread out, pillaging and burning the town. The marines still planned on eliminating the massive war-machine, starting before they even got any boots on the ground. The Lightnings began strafing from the air, which was not too effective at damaging the capital ship, but it would make the orks on the ground, duck for cover, allowing the Thunderhawks to get in close.
The power was already off above them. The cruiser's heading was changed, now sending the ork ship into the atmosphere at a dangerously high speed. Heat began burning off paint and then paneling, making the whole craft rumble. The marines remained within until the last possible moment before they would be teleported to safety. At that point, the Orks would have no chance to save themselves and thus, the planet became the Marine's largest weapon of opportunity.