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In any situation other than the one they were in, the Orks would have dispatched him quickly, but then the tunnels were all beginning to look the same and they could sense an iron pattern marine making an implacable advance on their position. Even if he was unaware of the position of the survivor, he was terrifying.

"Wotcha doin' 'ere?! Izza beekee witchoo? You gonna lead us out of 'ere, git!" He quickly spat.
As it happened, the man they had captured was not much of a man at all, not any more, and he held as little regard for his life as remained. Moreso, his eyes were quick to glance between the three massive green-skinned beasts of war, and then the wounded Kaptain. As his cybernetic eye focused in on the visage of the fallen, his fear would evaporate, and he looked back to the Ork threatening him. "The marine is 240 meters south and heading this way. We must move quickly."

He would try to move then, but being restrained by a more powerful creature he made no progress. "He will hear you. Trust me... I will show you the way."