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The Orks in question were being pursued. They weren't sure by whom, which only made the whole circumstance all the more terrifying for all but the short-minded among them, a burna boy with not much of a mind left to speak of. On his back lay Zed almost by necessity. The labyrinth of murky passages splashed echoes from every direction, but one set was coming upon them with undue haste.

"'Old up!" commanded Studgrim, the impromptu leader. "We got somefing 'eaded dis way..."
He motioned back to his comrades, not that hand-signals were of any particular use to Orks, let along pirates, but it was mimicry of other elite units they wished to accomplish. It made them seem "'arder."
The Ork would wait until the sound of the splashing was close enough that the villain was right around the corner, then lunge out. His honed skills quickly pinning the man to the wall. One cybernetic arm held the man to the wall as he trained his choppa on the Imperial.