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Kairo continued as they all were lead into a room. There was already a table within when the Marines found it, and with some additional communications equipment plus maps it could easily serve as the center of the command, despite its clearly humble original purpose, probably as a simple break room for Imperial laborers to eat. A few bodies remained within, ones that, even as the captain explained, seemed to distract the Inquisitor's attention.

"This map, however crude, shows the approximate position of our three teams that are currently re-securing the city. So far, they have also saved the lives of around 240 Imperial citizens, and a half a dozen mixed Guard squads. Our primary objective at this point is to secure the town itself, re-establish a base of labor to bring vital systems online throughout the city, and make defensible our positions until another Imperial Guard garrison can be deployed to the system."
For the marines, 'vital systems' was almost wholey synonymous with the refinery. At this point Kairo had paused though, and asked simply of the Inquisitor, "Is something bothering?"

"This is a very undignified place for servants of the Emperor of Man to conduct business, even the business of war," replied the Inquisitor.

Kairo gave a knowing glance over towards the dead Ork bodies, "We have been on the planet less than half one standard day. Custodial duties are of secondary concern and they pose no immediate biological threat. The corpses will be burned in accordance with the Index Astartes' guildlines..."

"I find your plan inadequate, Captain. You must make provisions to pursue the Ork and eliminate all on the planet."