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The Whaarg had set down on planet. Resistance had been sparse so by the time most of the kroozers made it to the surface, the fighting had ceased. This left plenty of time of celebration, but not everyone was in the greatest of moods. The freebooter Kaptain was very recognizable, and his reputation was beginning to stir the talk in camp.

“Zed, you done good for da Whaarg but you betta not get a big ‘ead.” It was Zoggurtz da Tinfaced, Zed’s most immediate boss. He was going to pound his chest a little so that Zed realized just who was in charge. “I’m still da big boss ‘ere.”

Zoggurtz was a big ork, a nob with plenty of experience under his belt and giving his hardened visage, someone who’d suffered similar wounds to Zed, perhaps just not as many and not as extensively. Zed wasn’t looking to fight him, and said nothing, giving him a rather dismissive air.