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Vitello Superba, a star system controlled by the Imperium, had never seen such excitement... that was until someone in the Adeptus Ministorum drew, with green hued pen, the movement of Grimnash da Whaargboss’ fleet and followed the line beyond, seeing the way that the movement took it into the heart of the Imperium. Vitello Superba’s was a logical target, containing both a profitable fuel production, as well as significant and relatively unguarded wealth of the most habitable planet; Vorn Nelben, such named for its original founder.

For the Ork, it was easy teeth; for the Imperium, it was an expendable, ultimately doomed system where they could draw a line in the sand and squelch the growing Ork menace before it became another Armageddon. To say it wasn’t a major engagement was a lie. On either side, there were hundreds of capital ships, fully supported with fighters and logistics.