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“Sir, yes, sir. On the date in question, 127th of 742.M39, we were participating in close formation Thunderhawk drills within .1 lightyears of planet Druurga IV heading towards the Issamof Asteroid range. We never made it that far. There was nothing on any of our scopes when we were attacked, totally unprovoked, by that unknown craft. What is on that datapad represents all of the information we were able to glean from it in the brief time we had to observe it.
“The craft used a high powered pair of laser weapons. They struck the lead craft, flight name Warhawk 1, directly on the left engine, shearing away most of its wing, and sending the craft into an uncontrolled spin. No casualties were immediately apparent. Warhawk 3 was in the best position to aid Warhawk 1. We were in the best position to break off and pursue the enemy vessel.