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When the marines went to attack, they were only too slow. The wraithguard brought their exotic weapons to bear. More than one of the retinue was dispatched to the warp where their heavy terminator armor meant nothing.

Brun rose, at least sitting forward enough to meet the tear-filled gaze of his rival with the sharp look of his visor. "Stop..." he said, first, ensuring that not everyone would die there today. That would serve no purpose. "Your fleet has been crippled above us. In a moment you saw how we can decimate your guard. You hate us. You wish to kill us, but you love your men. I will not kill them lest you make me, so the choice is yours. I know what you will do though... you will live to hate yourself, the shame of defeat a heavy burden particularly when the very owners of eyes you've saved look at you with question and doubt... but they will live... you will live until a time when you and I shall meet on the same planet once more."