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“Eldar,” Nikademus’ voice a raspy rumble, the growl of an animal.

From the Eldar perspective, there were few chapters that would have been worse to try to reason with, and they showed a bullheaded lack of interest in even trying. “We come here as friends with a common goal. You are pursing a fleet of Orks. I am here to assure you they shall be dealt with; however, their most expedient and complete destruction will befall them only if you listen to my words.”

“What do you propose, alien?” barked the Marshall, who already was feeling manipulated, and was predisposed not to give Eldar the time of day.

The Farseer could already feel that this was not going to be a request they did not want to hear. “You must let them go, let them flee today, else they will evade us further."

"You lie! You're probably just in league with them," shouted back Nikademus, not even a moment's consideration.

"Were that true, we could have accomplished our goals through other means."