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It would take only a few moments before the probe began sending back the information. Of course, of the dozens of people on the bridge, only a few of which were actual chapter marines, a few were dedicated and trained in the task of creating strategic intelligence, including photo mapping and interpolation.

“Data is streaming now, Sir. Estimates place this as a Kill cruiser. Prow markings indicate that these are likely pirates. There does not appear to be any landing mechanism as is typical.
Next to report was Sergeant Fulminus, coming to the Captain and saluting before delivering his insight. Fulminus was a man who had experience. It was obvious just by looking at him. He was scarred and repaired and had a grizzled look on his face. “Reporting, Sir. Our initial assessment is that this cruiser we are facing was once a very different ship, possibly an Imperial or Rogue Trader design. It is more than likely quite old as far as ork hulks go, but since we cannot find any definitive markings, we will not be able to locate individual systems without a more thorough or intimate scan.